Great dancers, great teachers… We have a lot to learn from them. They have prepared very special topics for Bratislava.

First time, Pablo and Bruno will give a special class to men/leaders.

First time, Majo and Rocio will give a special class to women/followers.

Very first time, they exchange partners for Improvisation Games workshops: first workshop is by Pablo and Rocio and second one by Bruno and Majo.

Don’t miss them. Check below carefully for your own tango 🙂

Bratislava Tango Love Workshop Schedule

1 workshop: 24 EUR/pp

Bratislove Pack (7 lessons – save 14 EUR): 154 EUR/pp

You need to register with your partner for the workshops on Saturday and Sunday. Friday workshops do not require partner. Please feel free to use the facebook event to search for a partner, if needed.