Useful Info

Ambulance 155

Police 158

Fire 150

General emergency 112


Lucia Hazir: 00-421-907 62 90 73     Deniz Hazir: 00-421-915 777 931

Zuzana Antolova: +421-903190071

Non stop pharmacies:

(+421-2)44455291(Address: Lekáreň Pokrok, Račianska 1/A, 831 02)

(+421-2)48211001 (Address: Univerzitná lekáreň, Ruzinovská 12A, 821 01)

Dialing code: Slovakia +421

Local currency: Euro (€), since 1st January 2009

Local Time: Timezone – CET (Central European Time) – GMT +1 hour, summer time from March till October

Electricity: 230 V/50 Hz, standard socket with safety pin

Drinking water: You can from the taps, besides some exceptional cases where a notification warns is a must

Languages: Official language is Slovak although English and German are the most often used foreign languages.

Safety & Security: The situation is similar to all the European neighbouring countries. Especially in places where many tourists pass by like in The Old Town, bus and train stations etc., you have to pay the attention to your personal stuff and valuables. Use your common sense.

Smoking: The smoking is allowed in restaurants only if separated room is available. In other places (pubs, bars etc) it is allowed only in areas reserved for smokers. Smoking is prohibited in all roofed public areas such as covered bus stops, closed sports fields, stations, cinemas, theatres etc. Smoking is not allowed in BTL venues.

In order to get the public transport, you have to buy your ticket from a machine. It’s possible to use mobile app for tickets.

Tourists info centre (02)16186

Bratislava info centre (02)20707501

Restaurants & Cafes: In general, restaurants’ kitchens stop serving food after 22:00. They are still open for drinks but food might not be available anymore. Please keep in mind to order your food before 22:00. After 22:00 it is possible to find pizza slices or baguettes till late in the night. Sundays, most restaurants stop serving food after 21:00.

Taxis: Common way to hail a taxi is by telephone order (they usually use short telephone numbers +421-2-16xxx (or 02-16xxx) – e.g. +421-2-16302, +421-2-16777, +421-2-16222, +421-2-16300, +421-2-16321  etc.).

Alternatively, smartphone app Hopintaxi (iPhone, Android) can be used to call a taxi.

Bolt is another way for transportation and wide-spread.

UBER is available in Slovakia.

Taxis waiting at the taxi stand or hailed in the street are rather expensive (15 euro or more, even for short trips). The fare from city centre to airport is maximum 15 EUR (if you call your taxi by phone) and minimum fare charged usually amounts to around 5 EUR (short distances). If you do not call the taxi by phone (and don’t agree your the price with the driver in advance), the driver may charge you very high fares (10-40 EURs). If you need help to call a taxi, please feel free to visit our welcome desk in the venue or ask a friend from Bratislava, they will be happy to call a taxi for you.

English Speaking Taxi Service: Taxi EURO (AA): +421-2-16022

Transport to Vienna: If you want to go to Vienna airport (or Vienna city center by bus), you can use the buses of Slovak Lines. The trip takes app 1 hour. Online tickets are available here:  or 

There are also regular trains to Vienna city center (app. every hour during the daytime). Check for the schedule. The trip takes app 1 hour.

During the summer, it is also possible to go to Vienna by boat on Danube. It is a nice experience, check out the schedule and tickets are here: